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Friday, March 26, 2010

baylor bears

LETS GO BAYLOR! They are the key to my bracket success, because in my pool, no one has them advancing past the Sweet Sixteen (except David, and his bracket is just straight stupid), and I have the Bears going to the Final Four! I really need them to make up for Syracuse's lost last night, and Kansas' humiliation last week. I have Kentucky winning it all, and they are looking strong, but West Virgina is going to be a tough team to beat as they also have been on a roll.

Monday, March 22, 2010

brooksley born

Saturday night I went to F Stop Cafe in Provo to discover my new musical obsession! Brooksley Born played their debut concert and first album release! I bought the cd, and have been listening to it non-stop. They have only been together for 4 months working hard to get the cd done. They were great live performers, letting their personalities come through on stage. It was fun to watch them, and personally, I think their music is better live! If you hurry to their website you can download their cd for free!! But you better hurry!! And if you happen to stop by F Stop Cafe, buy an Italian Soda, they are really good.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

michael loyd jr.

Michael Loyd Jr. is the man. 'nuff said. He dominated Florida today, giving the Cougs a huge boost. It was an amazing game, a true thriller. I watched it in the Student Athlete Building and the energy there was great.

Now we face Kansas St. tomorrow which will be a hard game. My bracket as of now is struggling a bit, but I'm hoping for a strong day tomorrow. In my pool, I'm tied for last with David, who flipped a coin for every single match -up. But tomorrow I'm planning on making my move into the heat of the battle with Brent and Christian. I have huge plans for Baylor, and have Kentucky winning it all against Kansas in the championship.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One of my professors has started a blog, Open Source Sonnets, in which he is going to attempt to write a sonnet every day, or at least post an old classic sonnet. When I took his class a few semesters ago I had to analyze two of his sonnets, and was very impressed by both, especially because he wrote them on his bus ride into work. As he explains in the introduction to his blog, he once wrote a sonnet everyday for almost four years, almost 1,200 sonnets. He invites all that visit his blog to post comments, and says "Whatever poem posted here is free/for you to imitate, adapt, or take;/ whatever line or stanza you may see/ is open, let it leaven what you bake./ Improve, revise, or parody at will;/remix, repost, be playful with your skill!"

In his first posted sonnet he talks about the fear that many writers, myself included, have towards sonnets; which is conforming to the form, or "rules" of sonnets. Recently in my Creative Writing class we had a discussion about how rules are meant to be broken, and if broken with purpose and intent, can lead to beautiful results. One popular example of this is the poemThe Aeronaut to His Lady by Frank Sidgwick.


While this does follow the rhyme scheme and other such "rules" of sonnets, it is not written in iambic pentameter. I don't intend to teach an English lesson here, but this can easily be argued to be a sonnet, and I find it pretty cool. Needless to say I am hoping to find some inspirational sonnets from his blog. You should check it out!

Monday, March 1, 2010


What an amazing week. First, thanks to all the fans and family that have supported us all season long. Thanks to everyone that came for cheering hard and pumping us up this week! Congrats to the women's team for winning Conference yet again. They gave a hard fight and deserved the win.

The men's team finished off the regular MWC dual-meet season 0-5. It was a rough season littered with injuries to some of our key swimmers. However the team really came together and swam as a team of one this year and we managed to finish 3rd at MWC Championship. This was one of the greatest meets I have every been a part of, and am so proud of the men's team. We really had to fight for every point, and I know that we scared a few teams and surprised EVERYONE! What an awesome way to end a hard season.

Well, now that swimming is over (at least for a few weeks) I am looking forward to sleeping in, staying up late, and most of all DIET COKES!!! Most of the guys on the team and myself gave up sodas on Saturday September 12, 2009. Thats about 6 months without any soda! It was hard, but well worth it, and now I appreciate diet cokes more than ever.