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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well I've been spending my time working and saving, working and saving. And thanks to my obsession with Apple products I'm now low on the dough. After purchasing my MacBook, and a case, and some accesories for my iPhone I really wonder is it all worth it? I feel like I'm selling out to the main-stream tech gadgets. But just as quickly as this thought pops into my head, I log on to my MacBook, or "Swipe to Unlock" my iPhone and realize that it really is worth it. So here is my official endorsment of all Apple products. The customer really is number 1, with great tech support via phone, internet or at the genius bar. Yes they may be a little more expensive, but it is well worth the extra bones.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

23 vs. 24

I might as well join in on the great debate, better this than anything about Obama, right now I have not words to describe feelings within my soul. Anywho. 2 3 has my vote, better team player, playing much better in these playoffs, and doesn't whine after ever call as Kobe has been doing recently. Plus Kobe ain't got no defense.


As the author of this blog I have FAILED, I apologize. I will do better.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Left Lane

Today as I drove into work I was reminded about a past frustration I felt last week. As I drove from UT to TX I discovered that I know a very well kept secret. I've decided to share this secret with others, are you ready? Here it is


Please pass this on to everyone you know as it is very important for my sanity that everyone understands that when driving in the left lane one must drive fast, at least 10 mph over the speed limit. Here is another little tidbit. If you are in the left lane, no matter how fast or slow you are going, and someone comes up behind you at a faster velocity, you are to change lanes and allow the faster car to remain in the left lane and pass you. Once the faster car has passed you, you may return to the left lane as long as you are going at least10 mph over the speed limit.

I'm trying to exploit this well kept secret... so tell everyone, especially if you live in Utah.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Thanks for everyone who encouraged me to start a blog (actually, thank you Zach).

I finished my saturday night on a high after the Boston-Chicago game. It was perfect, a great game, and my team brought home the win. Actually, not really "my" team. I just jumped on the bandwagon last year, but in my defense I started cheering for the Celtics at the beginning of last year's playoffs. Anyway, it was a great game.

I was expecting a similar experience this morning when I woke up. It was actually cool today in Dallas, and I thought to myself as I got ready for church this morning, "Today is going to be great, the Mavs are going to win".

And thats the way it went, until about the 10:03 mark of the second quarter when Dirk Nowitzki checked back into the game and was picked up up by Chris "Birdman" Anderson. This drug abusing, tattooed punk-a$ ruined my sunday. As soon as he began to defend Dirk, the game feel apart. The "Birdman" flew into Dirk's head and picked his brain apart, then Kidd started to falter. Turnover after turnover and I'm glad the Mavs ONLY lost by 14. They fell apart. I was heartbroken.
I was so distraught after the game that I had to turn on the Rangers game just to see one of my teams win.
Dirk started off so strong, but I should have known better. He is too inconsistent. If he always played like he did the first quarter, we would have blown the Nuggs away.
To make my Sunday worse, I had made a bet with my Denver rooted girlfriend that the Mavs would win the series. Now if Dirk doesn't get his head on straight I will be forced to pay up, and get crap from Michelle, as if she doesn't give me enough already! Next Sunday my prayers will be dedicated to the Mavericks, because they need them more than I do.